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10 Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas

Here are 10 Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas that every teacher will love!

Also, these Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas include useful things for your teachers!

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Gift cards are the best thing you can give to your teacher because they can choose the gift they want from their wish list. Some gift cards can be from Amazon, Michaels, Target, Starbucks , etc.

If you want to give the gift card in a special way you can put it in a box or in a card holder. Here are some options:

apple container
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

large clear apple container
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

teacher apple container
Photo credit: www.amazon.com


Sticky notepads are very useful for teachers who need to plan their day to day at school or can use them for a classroom activity!

teacher sticky notepads
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

teacher notepads
Photo credit: SarahMariesKeepsakes Etsy shop

sticky notepads
Photo credit: www.amazon.com


Candles are a nice gift for teachers. If your teacher likes candles, give her favorite brand of candle. You can also give her a personalized candle:

teacher candle
Photo credit: The Canarys Nest Etsy shop
teacher candle gift
Photo credit: LoganandCoCandles Etsy shop


Lip balms are a care products that are basically an essential for every person! If your teacher like lip balms, be sure to give it as a gift!

teacher lip balm gift
Photo credit: OurKidsEmpowered Etsy shop

eos lip balm
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

lip balm
Photo credit: www.amazon.com


A beautiful personalized shirt is a thoughtful gift for your teacher! They can use it for any day of class or for a photo day with their students.

Photo credit: www.amazon.com

Photo credit: www.amazon.com

teacher shirt
Photo credit: Zippie Clothing Etsy shop


Just like a shirt, the sweatshirt is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for Teacher Appreciation Week!

teacher sweatshirt
Photo credit: Flame Design Us Etsy shop

teacher gift sweatshirt
Photo credit: Peach Custom Shirts Etsy shop

be kind sweatshirt
Photo credit: www.amazon.com


Pretty pens or personalized pens are a cute gift for teacher appreciation week! They would love these options:

teacher beaded pen
Photo credit: WJG creations Etsy shop

pen for teachers
Photo credit: Mamas Crew by Nikki Etsy shop


Personalized lanyards are cute gift for your teacher!

teacher lanyard
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

Photo credit: By the Graces Etsy shop


Give the favorite chocolate, candy treats, snacks or cookies to your teacher! They definitely would love this gift!

To make it special, you can add tag to the them or get personalized treats for your teacher!

teacher appreciation gift ideas 5
Photo credit: Lilus Designs Etsy Shop


Sometimes, teachers use their own money to buy supplies for their class. So this gift would be like an add-on to your teacher’s gift. You can choose, pencils, pens, markers, crayons, staplers, board eraser, paper clips and more!

school supplies
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

teacher appreciation gift ideas 7
Photo credit: Glam Infinity Etsy Shop

Bonus: Gift box

Gift boxes are the most complete gifts because they have different things for your teacher. So this is the best Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas

Here is a gift box that has a little bit of everything for any type of teacher!

Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas
Photo credit: www.amazon.com

Optional: MUGS

This is going to be a controversial gift because teachers get a lot of mugs, but my elementary school teacher collected mugs. So if your teacher also collects mugs, this type of mug could be a new type of mug for her collection!

Photo credit: LoveCraftyLiz

Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas

Hope you like these 10 Teacher appreciation Gifts ideas! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

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