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Get the Free Printable Weekly planner and plan your week!

The free printable planner is a PDF file that will help you plan your week. It also includes a section for goals and notes!

How to plan your week?

I’m going to share with you some of my tips about planning a week!

I know it seems a little difficult, but believe me, when you get the hang of it, you will see that you can do many of things and you will have time for everything you like!

Here are some tips to plan your week:

1. Set goals

Perhaps, this is the most important tip because the goals you set now will help you make your dreams come true! Therefore, your day-to-day life should lead you to your goal or goals.

Don’t know how to set goals yet?? Check out my goal planning post!

2. Make a schedule of your activities

I bet you have activities that you do every day such as meals, work, going to class, sports and more. These daily activities are part of your daily routine so it’s important to write them in your planner!

Also, don’t forget to put other activities like meetings, appointments, homework and other things in your planner!

Finally, it’s very important that you see the intervals. For example, sport is from 5 PM to 6 PM or doctor’s appointment on a Monday from 3 PM to 4 PM .

These intervals will help you to estimate the time you take for each activity and you will be able to calculate your productivity!

3. Make time for you

You should have time off for you. In fact, you MUST HAVE TIME FOR YOU! Whether it’s spending time with friends, pampering yourself or staying at home and watching a series on Netflix (By the way, any Netflix recommendations ?? 🙊).

Spend that free time doing what you love the most and include it in your week!

Life is short and you should always do what you love even if it’s just one day a week!

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4. Be ready for the unexpected

Your week will not always be the same! Some tasks will take you longer than planned or you simply fall behind on one because of an external factor that we can’t always control.

Also, one week can be full of activities and another week with less activities.

For these reasons, I recommend that you prepare for the unexpected, your week will not always be 100% as planned and you will have to modify it. So don’t get upset and move on!

5. Analyze your week

Analyze if the way you plan your week is being effective! Maybe you spend more time on an activity that takes less time or the other way around.

You should consider this aspect because on this point depends the famous saying “I don’t have enough time”, when in fact you don’t plan it properly!

What you need to print the free printable weekly Planner?

You will only need 8.5″ x 11″ letter size paper, the Free Printable Weekly Planner PDF file and a printer to make your weekly planner!

get the free printable weekly Planner

Download the Free Printable Weekly Planner in the button at the end of the post! Check out these instructions to know how to download the freebie!

  1. Click the button below, then click on the right icon of the corner to download the zipped folder.
  2. Unzip the Free Printable Weekly Planner PDF file. (Learn how to unzip here)
  3. Print on letter size paper and plank your week!

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Please note this Free Printable Weekly Planner is for Personal Use Only, read more about my terms of use here

Hope you find this freebie useful! Remember to stay update with my latest free printables on Pinterest and Facebook, I’ll make more free printable planners!🤗

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